Flecks On The Farm

Flecks On The Farm

Hi everyone! We have created this section for our customers to learn more about who we are, what we value, and things we are up to on our small farm! 

My name is Lauren Fleck, I married my husband Sergio Fleck in 2018 before our daughter was born, Rosilee! We live in Palomino Valley right here in Reno, Nevada! We enjoy a rural, Wild West life style on our 40 acres where, for now, we care for our chickens, goats, pigs, bunnies, and three dogs. We have two German Shepherds who spend their days running a muck and protecting our livestock day in and day out. Titus is our oldest male, and Perseus is his beloved son who was born right here on the farm! Lastly, we have Violet, our sweet little Mini Aussie who is completely deaf, but does not stop her from shenanigans on the property!

We have big plans for our little farm to expand even more! Rosie and I enjoy riding horses and we are saving up to build a barn and nice stable for our future horse friends! We hope to one day own cattle as well to add to our craziness! But for now we hatch chicks and garden when the weather is right! Rosie is only 4 years old and is becoming the best ranch hand out there already! We are all learning together on this ride to farming and ranching. 

We have a new addition to the farm coming February of 2023, a sweet baby boy named River is on the way and we can't wait to meet him! 

Above all for our customers we value personal connections to really get to know you and what you find important in a hat that you not only love but works for you and your lifestyle! It’s extremely important to me to mindfully listen and collaborate your ideas on your order to ensure your perfect dream hat! We guarantee a friendly and transparent form of communication with each and every customer personally from me, Lauren! I keep you in the loop and informed on every process and any road bumps! I believe that being honest and truthful is the best way for success, which means please feel free to always leave constructive criticism comments and suggestions at any time at all. The only way for me to grow and become better is from y’all’s feedback! And as always, if you have any concerns at all, please express them immediately so I can resolve it as quickly as possible for you!
Thank you for coming to meet us here! We can’t wait to meet you too! 

Stay Wild! 

Rosie holding Mordecai at 3 days old

Titus (left) and Perseus (right)

Percy is Titus's son who was born right here on the farm!

Our Favorite Rooster

This is one of our favorite roosters! So good to his girls and has saved some of their lives before from a hawk attack!

Rosie Riding Her Pony, Spurs

She loves going over to her Nonnies house to ride horses!